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Medical Assistants

The issue with Medical Assistants (MAs) in Nevada is somewhat confusing.  But, the regulations can be found in NRS  454.213.

An MA is a person trained to help physicians and physician assistants.  The cannot be supervised by an NP.  Per the Nevada regulations, an MA can do quite a bit when the physician is in the building.  Basically, the MA can do whatever the physician has trained them to do, so long as they are supervised with the doctor in the building.  That is the key thing.  If the doctor or PA is not in the building, they are limited to basic duties, such as cleaning rooms, taking vital signs, etc

It does seem that an MA can inject medications or start IVs on patients if a doctor or PA is in the building.  This is how some paramedics are employed at hospitals and they can start IVs.  At the hospital, there is usually at least on doctor in the building, usually the Emergency Room.  Outside of their employment at an EMS unit, a paramedic employed at a medical clinic or hospital is a medical assistant.  They cannot practice as a paramedic outside of an EMS unit.  Please red this page for more information.

A medical assistant may not be remotely supervised in Las Vegas.  Remote supervision of medical assistants is only allowable in rural areas.  Las Vegas is not a rural area.  Further details can be read here at NAC 630.820.  Even in rural areas, the physician or PA has to have physically seen the patient in the last 12 months to be able to prescribe medications to the patient.

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