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EMTs and Paramedics are only licensed to give medications when they are actively "clocked in" while working for a licensed EMS unit.  They are not licensed to work as a paramedic or EMT for a medical clinic or other entity.

NRS 500.022, 500.024, and 500.026 on pages 40 and 41  specifically states that EMS personnel can only use their scope of practice when on duty for a permitted ambulance unit.

EMS personnel function as medical assistants at medical clinics and ER's.  It is a Class D felony for them to do medical house calls on their own.

A bag of saline is a prescription item.   Giving a bag of saline is practicing medicine without a license.

400.050 states that the EMS person “Has obtained from a Permittee a letter verifying employment or intent for employment at the specific level the Applicant will be utilized, not to exceed the Applicant’s level of Certification”       

600.500 part IV states the “No Person may independently perform the activities authorized pursuant to these Regulations."

To interpret, 600.500 means that an NREMT certified person is only licensed to practice as a paramedic while actively employed by an EMS unit.  This means that you have to be clocked in at the EMS unit, such as "Ambulance Company XYZ" or "Fire Department ABC."   

If you have questions about what qualifies as an EMS unit, you can contact the Southern Nevada Health District 702-759-1050.   I have called them and they have confirmed that an EMT or Paramedic can only work as a medical assistant outside of their employment at an EMS unit.  Of course, they can be a plumber or architect, but they are not licensed for any kind of medical work outside of their EMS employment.

They may be able to do certain activities if they are employed as a medical assistant.  The rules for this only applies if the physician (MD or DO) is in the building.  This is listed here under NAC 630.800

In other words, medical assistants can do quite a few things if they have been trained by the physician and the physician is in the building supervising them.  So, medical assistants cannot take medications away from a medical office and give them without a physician being present.

This website is purely informational.  It is not endorsed by any government agency or regulatory board.  You may use the information at your own risk.  Call the appropriate agency with any questions.